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Our Focus

Our focus is sharing the good news of Christ! Jesus Christ died on the cross so that anyone who would believe on him would experience abundant life...everlasting life!

Our Passion

Our passion is people...all people! Jesus gave his life on the cross so that anyone who desired abundant life would experience it for their self. Deeper relationships, stronger finances and a healthy lifestyle is God will for you.

Our Beliefs

We are a Pentecostal Holiness church. We believe God through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit empowers believers to perform miracles, signs and wonders through the Gifts of the Spirit. We believe that believers should and can live a holy life free from the bondage and effects of sin.


Our Church Ministry

No matter your age or life-stage, there's always a way to get plugged into one of our ministries. See you this Sunday!


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There is always something going on...get involved and make Faith Life more than just a church. See you this Sunday!


Read This!

Victory comes one day at a time, one verse at a time and one prayer at a time. Spend time learning about the blessing God has in store for you! See you this Sunday!


The Key to Living without Strife

06, July, 2017

The fight is on—at every level. Strife is separating nation from nation, brother from sister and husband from wife. The conflict comes in varying degrees, from minor disagreement [...]


3 Ways to Activate the Anointing

26, June, 2017

1. Activate the Anointing by Focusing on God’s Word Spend time praying about the situation that needs God’s Anointing. Are you in need of healing? Of a relationship restoration [...]