At Faith Life, there’s no shortage of ways to perform community ministry, be spiritually and emotionally rejuvenated, reconnect with family and friends and just to have fun serving Christ.  From our Sunday Celebrations, Bridge Events that gives our members a non-threatening time to invite their family and friends to our Faith Life, to our celebrations whose observance is commanded by Jesus Christ.  We have 8 activities and events that you can make plans to attend.




Pentecost is a celebration designed to emphasize the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the experience of receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit as the early believers did on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-11, 10:34-46). For the entire church, it is an opportunity to invite family and friends to the food and fellowship after service. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing conference! Click here to register


3rd Saturday in July

Talk about fun at Faith Life…then you are talking about the Family Olympics. Competition styled events and tasks completed by families, plenty of food, games, and prizes awarded to families makes for a fun event designed to strengthen the family. Part of our Family First Weekend designed to strengthen the family relationship through scriptural teaching and old fashion fun! Click here to register



4th Thursday in September

We are so excited to celebrate those who help make our church a success! The Saints Choice Awards Banquet is an evening of pomp and awards for the members of Faith Life, and those who partner with our ministry through activities and funding. From the red carpet to the awards given, it is an evening you won’t want to miss. Click here to register





2nd Sunday of  May

Our Sunday event when the children of Faith Life celebrate their love for Mothers. Children present their Mother with gifts and speak kindly to them with family and friends (Proverbs 31:28).



2nd Sunday of February

Our Sunday event when the church family of Faith Life celebrates our love Pastor Darryl Holt. A day-long celebration gathering the members, family, and friends show our appreciation for the labor of a shepherd who serves the church very well (I Timothy 5:17). Click here to donate a personal gift to our Pastor



3rd Sunday of June

Our Sunday event when the children of Faith Life celebrate their love and honor for Fathers. Children present their Father with gifts and speak kindly to them with family and friends (Ephesians 6:1-3).





January | July

We follow the Biblical pattern of dedicating children to the Lord. Jesus Himself was dedicated in the temple by his parents, establishing dedication as a New Testament principle (Luke 2:22). We dedicate children on the second Sunday morning of January and July following the service with a reception afterward. This is a great time of celebration and an excellent opportunity for introducing extended family and friends to Faith Life! To register your child for baby dedication! Click here to register



We follow the Biblical pattern of water baptism. Jesus Himself was baptized by his cousin John the Baptist, establishing water baptism as a New Testament principle (Matthew 3:13-17). We dedicate the second or fourth Saturday of April following instruction on water baptism. To register for water baptism! Click here to register