We want you to grow at Faith Life. We want you to grow spiritually stronger than you are today? Want to hear God’s voice clearer than you do today? Want to experience God’s promises quicker than you do today? The secret is not really a secret at all…its commitment. We call them the 3 C’s of spiritual growth at Faith Life. The 3 C’s of Spiritual Growth guarantees you will get your faith back on track by simply paying attention to three areas of growth every Christian is challenged in, a little each day, yields growth each day. Make a commitment today and begin to see a change in your life tomorrow!

C1 Commit to a daily devotion…

All growth is slow. It is barely noticeable to those who are closest and it is near painless. Although it can be awkward, embarrassing and filled with slips, trips and a few bruises, in the end, most people grow into confident, strong adults. It’s no different spiritually. It’s natures way, it is the way God designed our bodies both spiritually and naturally to work best. Commit to spending a little time with the Lord each day. Making a commitment to do 3-things each day will make a difference in your experiences with God. They are,
1. Daily Prayer
2. Regularly Reading God’s Word
3. Spending time in fellowship with stronger and more mature believers than yourself

As you grow stronger, increase the time you spend in prayer, commit to reading 3 or 4 chapters a day in the Bible and go to a weekly Bible Study at your church. Join a prayer group. Daily prayer allows you to better hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and it strengthens your faith by allowing you to see how God answers your prayers.

C2 Commit to sharing Christ with family and friends…

Generally when a person experiences something positive they share it with their family and friends.  After speaking with Jesus Christ, the woman ran back to her home and told her family and friends “come see the man who told me everything I have ever done.” John 4:29.  That experience is not just limited to a chance encounter with Jesus Christ, it happens each time you experience something good or bad you instinctively share the news with those closest to you.

Invite your family and friends to experience what you have experienced, invite your family and friends to visit the church that you attend and even invite your family and friends to join you in prayer or Bible Study. You will never regret the experience of watching someone’s life change right before your very eyes!

C3 Commit to getting involved in the ministry of Jesus Christ…

How? You are not trained, you’re scared…what if you mess up or say the wrong thing? No problem, everyone has. Jesus wants you to get involved in the things that are important to him.
1. Telling people the good news that Jesus Christ has come to bless them.
2. Connecting to a family of believers by joining a church for strength and growth.
3. Learning about the promises and blessings that God has for you.

As you make and perfect these 3 commitments you will begin to experience for yourself what God has promised you in the Bible. You will begin to see the power of God demonstrated in your life, you will very soon receive the gift of the Spirit and so much more. The Bible calls this abundant life (John 10:10). At Faith Life, we believe that abundant life means you will experience a healthier lifestyle, deeper relationships, and stronger finances.

For more information visit Faith Life we would love to tell you to share with you what Jesus has promised you, join us each morning in prayer Monday-Friday from 6:30-7: 00 am by calling 641-715-0861 access code 268985#. If you can’t join us, then request prayer by filling out the prayer request form below.