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The Power of Words…

We live in a world created and governed by words. Contracts, covenants and agreements are all documents that speak to the power of creative words. God created the world with his spoken words. He literally said what he wanted and the elements that make up the universe obeyed his words…not his voice, nor his thoughts.

For six days, He spoke and what he spoke “was”(Genesis 1). After each creative act, he decreed that “it was good,” a declaration of perfection and the completion of his creative act. He said and it was.  How? No one knows. Big bang…who knows. All the Bible says is that it was good.

How God Speaks

Learn to speak like God. He spoke his desires…you speak yours. Mark 11:24 says, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”.  Mark 11:23 completes the idea of learning to speak like God, “…and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

When You Speak

When you speak, you must believe in your heart…before you speak, and whatever you say shall come to pass. Wow, that’s big! And, obviously if it was that easy everyone would be speaking. The problem is everyone has not learned to believe in their heart before they speak their desire. Others are uncomfortable speaking their desires…its easier and safer to think about what you want without the criticism of people who are important in your life.

Thoughts are important…but words more. Thoughts and ideas come from the depths of your thinking.  It is where your words come from (Luke 6:45). Words are literally a description of what you are thinking. Corrupt your thinking, then the words you speak are corrupted.

Corrupted Words

Many Christians are living a life built on corrupted words. They decree their unhappiness and all the elements of the universe are reordered to create an environment where their unhappiness freely exist.  As no one can explain how “God said, and it was”, no one can explain how your corrupted words create an environment where unhappiness exists.

Yes, the problem is in the words, but it’s not limited to the believer’s words. “My people are ruined because they don’t know what’s right or true. Because you’ve turned your back on knowledge I’ve turned my back on you priests. Because you refuse to recognize the revelation of God…” (Hosea 4:6) I rejected you.

Ignorance. Willful ignorance to Gods revelation, principles, wisdom and understanding. Disobedience. The refusal to obey and carry out his known will. Thoughts based on ignorance of the principles of God, thoughts that are continually evil (Jeremiah 17:9) produce words that will destroy you.

Although the believer is born again, and everything made new (Romans 10:17), although the believer is transformed by the renewing of their mind (Romans6:2), and although all power is given to them with the Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8, John1:12). The Christian must learn how to speak like God.

Learning to Speak…

First, understand how you naturally talk. There are two basic types of speakers. Figurative speakers and literal speakers. Figurative speakers use other words and analogies to describe what they are saying. It is thought to be the most effective and persuasive form of communication. But, because it is so imprecise, it can be confusing when the analogies are unfamiliar to the listener.

Figurative speakers use phrases like, “I’m as sick as a dog, I was so mad that I could just kill somebody”. They use creative phrases to express themselves. The problems are,

  • They teach their selves that their words really don’t matter, because when challenged about what they’ve said, the figurative speaker will quickly say…that’s not what I really meant.
  • They can speak so imprecise that it is difficult for them to know what they really want themselves.

Literal speakers on the other hand, uses words precisely to describe what they are saying. It is easily understood by people of various generations and cultural differences. It is not the most effective because it lacks the flourishes and persuasion of figurative speech.

Faith can operate easier for literal speakers because to them green means green, and not some shade of the nearly 50 shades of green. For the literal speaker, understanding a promise of God can be easier as well. If God said I give…they tend to say okay.

The problem for literal speakers can come from…

  • Not having enough knowledge or understanding of a scripture topic to feel confident in speaking by faith.
  • Unlearning false or incorrect information what has been previously taught.
  • Refusing to believe that they could be wrong or have misunderstood something that they believe to be true.

Start Over…

So, how do you learn to talk like God? Study how God spoke. Study how Jesus spoke. How did the Apostles and Prophets speak? Let their words become your words until you learn to use your own words correctly.

When it comes to healing. God said, I am the God that heals you! (Exodus 15:26). So, you say, God you said that you were the God that heals me, I receive my healing from you. Don’t wrestle with it. Don’t debate it. On your way to the doctor’s office say, I thank you for my doctor and I believe that you are the God that heals me.

Taking medicine…the same principle applies. Father I thank you for the medicine you made available to me, and I believe your word that says you are the God that heals me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive my healing from you.

Long-term illness…the principle is the same. Say what he says, put your faith in what he says. Don’t try to override your circumstances with gimmicks or misunderstood Biblical doctrines and teachings.

Take your time. Discover the scripture that speaks to your situation. Figure out if it really applies and how it applies to your circumstances. Begin confessing God’s word, very soon it will begin to produce faith (Romans 10:17) in your heart. As you grow stronger in your faith concerning his promises, begin to act on them (Acts 3:7, Luke 17:14-15, Mark 5:25-34). Continue acting on the word of God and speaking Gods promises to yourself.

Learning to speak like God is not something that happens overnight. If you will stay consistent and practice speaking his word, as well as growing in your understanding of other scriptures pertaining to you circumstances. You will say like God, it is Good!

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