Partnership Changes Everything!


…and receive full access to the ministry of Faith Life and the Partner Community! Partnership with Faith Life isn’t about whether or not you give. It’s saying “Yes! I’m standing with you in faith.”. It’s about praying for one another, standing together and changing the world!

Why Partner?

God needs us to reach out to the world! When you become a Faith Life Partner, we team up together to accomplish more than we could have alone. We share our prayers, our resources and we share our voice with the world. No one else can give exactly what you can give to this hurting world. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped share Christ with thousands—and now we’re committed to helping even more.

We’re Committed To Helping People Change Their Lives

When many of us said yes to God…we didn’t understand the power of walking by faith, or living in victory. In fact, many of us were sick, discouraged and in debt, but as we began to apply the Word of God, we saw our lives change. We’ve experienced deeper relationships, healthier lifestyles and stronger finances. Now we are committed to training others how to live in victory, too. We need your help!




It’s A Big Job!

We will teach you how to apply the Word of God to your own life without compromise…so that you can experience your own victory over fear, debt, sickness and lack. It’s this biblical approach that will change your life forever. When you partner with Faith Life, not only are we joining with you, but you’re joining with us. When you stand with us in prayer, and we stand with you, our anointings, our giftings become one. And every life that’s touched is a life we reached together. Suddenly, your ministry isn’t restricted to just your neighborhood or your city…it’s expanded to the entire world.

Here is how you can help! We have two ways that you can Partner with Faith Life.


Faith Life Member

Faith Life Members are those covenant partners who have joined Faith Life. They are the driving force that helps Pastor Holt maintain the Faith Life Campus, minister through hosting events and activities in the community as well as maintain the day to  day operations of our church. They experience Personal Pastoring and enjoy the ministry of some of the greatest preachers and teachers in the Hampton Roads area.

We ask all of our Faith Life Members to make 3 personal commitments

1. Commitment to grow spiritually

2. Commitment to be Involved in the Ministry of Faith Life

3. Commitment to financially support the church with consistent tithes and offerings.

In exchange as Faith Life Members you can be assured Pastor Holt and the Faith Life Family THAT YOU will

1. Experience Personal Pastoring

2. Be assured that we are standing in agreement with you in prayer

3. Receive Biblical training on relationships, health and finances

4. Have available to you our facilities at no cost during scheduled special events

5. Be assured that we are good stewards of the resources given by our members

6. Receive relevant ministry, events and activities for men, women and youth

7. Receive coupons for ministry material offered through our online shop

Faith Life Partner

Faith Life Partners are those covenant partners who have not joined Faith Life as members.  They are individuals who multiply our effectiveness and increase our ministry’s reach by volunteering their time and finances to help sponsor events and activities. They commit to daily prayer for our church and Pastor. Support our church through their tithes and offering when they have no local church fellowship. We ask Faith Life Partners to make 3 Commitments.

1. Commit to daily prayer for our church and Pastor

2. Commit to a $20.00 monthly donation to our church

3. Commit to regularly sharing our ministry content with family and friends


In exchange as a Faith Life Partner you will have immediate access to exclusive content created just for our Partners. You

1. Have access to digital products for download free

2. Receive our monthly Partners Letter

3. Gain access to our Partners Community

4. Receive coupons for ministry material offered through our online shop

5. Receive an invitation and discount on our annual Ministry Vacation.

6. Receive our Annual Partners Report





We Promise!

At Faith Life we realize how important trust is and that you only get one time to make a great impression. So we promise to make our partners our focus and use the following guidelines to help ensure we hae a ministry where excellence is the norm and not the exception.


We will never ask you for money.

Partnership isn’t a marketing strategy or a veiled attempt to raise funds. It’s a joining of visions and faith to in order to create a life of victory…Period!

We are good stewards of any gift.

As gifts come in, we receive them, bless them and use them to share faith with the world. We even sow 10% of every gift received. Your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.

We pray for you every day!

Our prayer team is committed to you. We pray for your prosperity, health and victory each and every day.

You will hear from us.

Each month, Pastor Holt personally writes a letter to Faith Life’s Partners, because he wants his Partners to be aware of every victory and revelation God has given him. You’ll always be “in the know.”

You will never run out of Word-based teaching.

We are committed to creating relevant content that is available to you 24/7.  Whether you read the Partners Letter, visit our websites, or visit Facebook, you’ll always find exactly what you need.

Your information will never be shared.

We value your trust, and want you to understand that the information we collect from you is protected. Faith Life will not share, rent or sell any of your information.