If you like serving people the Hospitality Ministry is the place for you!

What We Offer Through The Hospitality Ministry

If you like serving people the Hospitality Ministry is the place for you!  This ministry is about making our members feel special. From greeting our visitors to wishing our members happy birthday, from Pastor’s Aide to Events Planning. Logistics to ministry coordination. We are looking for out of the box thinkers who can serve with a smile. Talk to the Hospitality Ministry Leader she wants to talk to you!

 Birthday Club

Everyone wants to be celebrated!  At Faith Life, the purpose of our Birthday Club is to track and schedule our monthly birthday celebrations.

The  Birthday Club ensures each member’s birthday is recognized without fail. They host monthly after-church birthday celebrations with cake, ice cream and a birthday card for each member’s birthday in that month.

Just in case we forgot your special day…Happy Birthday!

Pastor’s Aide

The Pastor’s Aide provides the pastor with any type of support that the Pastor may need. They organize celebrations for significant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Pastor Anniversary. They also raise money with the congregation to give the Pastor a vacation or assist in repairs and expenses as necessary.

In most congregations, the Pastor is the person to turn to when there is a need often giving monies, buying lunch or small tokens on behalf of the church when visiting church members. The Pastor’s Aide help raise funds to limit such expenses from becoming a personal burden.

Visitor and Member Follow-up Team

Everyone in the church has been a visitor! It’s easy to forget the feeling of being an outsider…a stranger, but that’s the purpose of our Visitor and Member Follow-up Team. More than greeting a person who comes to church or checking on someone who has not attended service. There Job is to make visitors want to come back a second time and to help our members feel connected to the church family.

Websites and social media all have their place, but nothing can take the place of personal relationship. They won’t bombard people with texts or calls but we do want our first-time visitors and members to know they are important enough for someone to contact them personally and plugged into a ministry in the church.

Food Service Ministry

The purpose of the Food Service Ministry is to support and enhance the ministries of the church by serving healthy, delicious food in a friendly and warm environment. They serve our guest and members in a way that demonstrates our love and care for all people. Every major relationship and event is shared around the dinner table.  When you look across our Fellowship Hall or outside under the tent and watch our Food Service Ministry serving and sharing it is easy to understand how important this ministry is.