26, May, 2020Posted by :faithlife

When it comes to elections, do you often find yourself confused as to who you should vote for? When you look at the challenges confronting our nation do you even consider not voting? Well, history is filled with reasons why you are obligated to honor the sacrifices of others who experienced great loss and death just to vote, as well as your biblical responsibility to be good stewards of the freedom God has given us…”one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” So, that means participating in the voting process is not optional, but who we select is our personal choice.

However, as Christians, this can be challenging at times—often leaving us with one question: Who should I vote for?  There are many times when none of the choices seem to be a perfect fit, but here’s something important to remember: Your vote for one candidate is not a declaration that you agree with the candidate or political party. Instead, it’s a decision to honor God with good stewardship. No matter who is on the ballot, we will more than likely always be choosing between sinners or even someone to is agnostic or worse an atheist. As Christians, we should be voting for people who will best represent our community and uphold biblical values. So, whom should you vote for and how can you choose the right candidate? Below are some helpful tips to help:

 Vote the best platform, not just the person. Each political party has a platform that describes what it believes and what direction it wants to move the country. Each candidate will try to meet his or her party’s goals. While some elections present better candidates than others, our job is to evaluate the party platform, determine which most closely represents biblical values, our community, our interest, and most importantly vote for that candidate out of obedience and honor to God’s Word.

 Research the candidates’ and party’s stances on important biblical and community issues. When you find that you have several choices within the same platform, how can you narrow your choice down even further? The best way to foresee how a candidate will vote is to research and examine their record. Has this person voted to protect the sanctity of human life, family values, religious rights or have they voted against biblical values, community, and moral issues of importance to all its constituents or even remained silent? The evidence is in their former actions, so be sure to do your homework!

 Guard against worldly influences. The news media and other voices from every corner will try to influence you and draw you in a direction away from the Spirit of God and principles espoused by the word. Cleverly designed commercials and ideas abound on your television screen, but you can choose to turn them off and, instead, tune in to the voice of the Lord.

Cleverly stated arguments designed to take advantage of your religious commitment, your desire to see politicians honor the word of God will be thrown at you. Take a stand, be a voice, and be a good steward of the government God has given you. Base your decision on the Word of God ONLY—not your neighbor, your mom, your friends, or your favorite television stars. Make a choice that is based on faith and understanding the issues at hand.

 Pray for the election and those in authority. During the election, and thereafter, we are called to pray for those in authority, according to 1 Timothy 2:1-2. That doesn’t mean only pray for those you like or agree with—it means to pray for all who are in authority.

Don’t wait until election time is upon us before you start seeking God for whom to vote. Start praying now about the coming elections. Whether they are small local elections or major national elections, remember to pray for them regularly.

Then, ask God to grant you wisdom in choosing the candidate that will best represent biblical values, you and your community. Be sure that your decision is Spirit-led, rather than driven by emotion or media influences. Thank  God for His wisdom and freedom to vote, thank God for living in a country that allows all of its citizens to participate in the choosing of its leaders, thank God for adding your voice to those who seek to make this country free for all people.