In 2007 we asked a few of our ministry partners and friends for help when we were purchasing the Life Center…and boy did they! We purchased and renovated it, held conferences, training events, partnered with schools, and won souls across the world. You helped us do more than purchase a church, you helped us change our lives.

Well…here we are again with the Temple Project and we are doing more than purchasing a new church! For the first time in the history of Faith Life, we will bring all our operations under the same roof. Expand our student ministries, complete our daycare and preschool.

Here is how you can help! Make a donation of your choice. You can even donate by clicking the donate tab at the top of the page.  Then watch and share the below video with 5 of your family and friends…it’s that easy! Donate any amount you like and then share this video with 5 of your family and friends. If you are not able to donate anything right now that’s okay…pray for our church and the success of the Temple Project. Whatever you can do thank you…your prayers mean much to us! Don’t forget at Faith Life we say live long…live strong and be happy!