Where You Go To Church Does Matter

God has a place for you where you can learn and grow in your relationship with Him. Faith Life wants to be the Pentecostal church where that happens for you or your family. If you are looking for a smaller, more personal Pentecostal church than Faith Life may be the church for you. Visit our church as often as you like and allow the Holy Spirit to show you that Faith Life is the right Pentecostal church for you.

Pentecostal churchOur entire worship experience is very important to us.  From our opening prayer and confession (reciting God’s promises to us) to our specially selected music, you will experience God’s presence in a very unique way.  Our Pastor is a teacher, who believes that God’s word is for everyday use.  He often teaches by connecting God’s word to our relationships, finances, spiritual and personal development and service to God’s Kingdom. His style is very simple but challenges you to measure up to God’s standard.  One of his favorite verses From the book of Job says “If they give ear to his voice, and do his word, then he gives them long life, and years full of pleasure.” He believes that if you will make a decision to serve God and learn how to apply his word to your life…you will experience a life of happiness. Our service starts promptly at 10am and usually ends around 12:30…things go very smoothly so you won’t have to watch the clock.

At some point in the service, usually towards the end…we ask everyone to share in giving a financial contribution called an offering and tithes (10% of our weekly income). Please don’t be offended, it is how the expenses of the church are met. It is how we pay for our mortgage, lights, equipment and material for our ministries; salaries and other things that make our Pentecostal church a pleasant place to attend. It is very similar to how the upkeep of your home is managed.

Feel free to give a one time gift, make a recurring gift through a bank draft or allotment or for your convenience and security give online as well…your financial gifts are very much appreciated and will only be used in the operation of this ministry.

We hope that you will have a positive experience when you visit for the first time. we ask folks to visit two or three times before considering making our church your church family, but if you like what you see…join right away!

See you on Sunday!

Guest Parking

We have reserved a parking space for our first time visitors at the left corner of our parking lot so you won’t have far to walk. Additional parking is in the parking spaces immediately in front of the building or to the left  of the building just after the chain dividers. Our community is very friendly so you won’t have to worry about your car.


We tried having greeters, to meet our guest at the door… it didn’t work for us because everyone at faith Life is so friendly, everyone will say hello, everyone smiles…if they try to hug you please don’t be offended, it just our way!

Children’s Church

We call our children’s church “The Kingdom”, don’t be surprised when you see the children run out of the auditorium when they announce…”head on back to the Kingdom“.  Oh yeah, don’t worry if your child cries…our staff is very experienced.  You’ll know they had fun when you see your child’s smile after service.