Love The Lord…Not Church?

Believe it or not you are not alone! Many people just don’t get the whole church thing…but they believe in God, his scriptures and they desire a very personal relationship with the Lord. Others are deployed out of the country, studying abroad or away from their home church. Whatever your reason for not regularly attending a traditional Sunday morning worship service or a midweek Bible study may be just for you. It is a fully digital church experience when a traditional worship experience won’t do.

Like everything in this digital age…change happens! Traditional fellowship in a “brick and mortar church” is changing as well. But what if you can have the spiritual guidance and counseling of a “Personal Pastor”, access to Faith Life’s ministry when you wanted it, spiritual teachings from Pastor Holt, biblical solutions for real world problems and the basic 6-pastoral services traditional membership offers.

You can with!

How Does it Work?

Generally speaking, traditional church membership means you walk down the isle of a church and make a public declaration that you will exclusively fellowship with that particular church. In reality the average church member attends church only twice a month, rarely invites their friends or relatives to their new church, infrequently supports their church financially and changes their churches membership every 5 years.

When you become a member of We ask you to only make 3 simple but personal commitments. They are a…
1. Commitment to grow spiritually.

2. Commitment to pray daily for the Ministry of Faith Life.

3. Commitment to financially support the Ministry of Faith Life with consistent tithes and offerings.

It’s that simple!

When you join We will teach you how to apply the Word of God to your own life without compromise…so that you can experience your own victory over fear, debt, sickness and lack. We will make available to you all of our online digital content. As well as the following 6-basic benefits of digital membership…
1. Experience Personal Pastoring usining our online appointment kiosk.

2. Be assured that we are standing in agreement with you in prayer.

3. Receive Biblical training on relationships, health and finances.

4. Have available to you our facilities at no cost during scheduled special events

5. Be assured that we are good stewards of the your financial support.

6. Receive relevant ministry, events and activities for men, women and youth

 It’s not traditional church…but it’s not for the traditional church member either.  When you join know that you are not just joining with Faith Life, we are joining with you. When you stand with us in prayer, and we stand with you, our anointings, our giftings become one. And every life that’s touched by Faith Life, is a life we reached together. Suddenly, your ministry isn’t restricted to just your neighborhood or your city…it’s expanded to the entire world.


We Promise!

At Faith Life we realize how important trust is and that you only get one time to make a great impression. So we promise to make our partners our focus and use the following guidelines to help ensure we hae a ministry where excellence is the norm and not the exception.

We will never ask you for money.

Partnership isn’t a marketing strategy or a veiled attempt to raise funds. It’s a joining of visions and faith to in order to create a life of victory…Period!

We are good stewards of any gift.

As gifts come in, we receive them, bless them and use them to share faith with the world. We even sow 10% of every gift received. Your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.

We pray for you every day!

Our prayer team is committed to you. We pray for your prosperity, health and victory each and every day.

You will hear from us.

Each month, Pastor Holt personally writes a letter to Faith Life’s Partners, because he wants his Partners to be aware of every victory and revelation God has given him. You’ll always be “in the know.”

You will never run out of Word-based teaching.

We are committed to creating relevant content that is available to you 24/7.  Whether you read the Partners Letter, visit our websites, or visit Facebook, you’ll always find exactly what you need.

Your information will never be shared.

We value your trust, and want you to understand that the information we collect from you is protected. Faith Life will not share, rent or sell any of your information.